M/S Emma

The History of Saunaboat M/S Emma

The M/S Emma was built in 1908 to transport timber to the Stockfors timber mill on the Kymijoki River. The vessel was named “Stockfors 1” and operated as a tugboat near the Pyhtää river branch. With the drop in timber transport in the mid-1970s, there was no use for the boat any more. The steam engines were taken off the boat and all that remained was its steel hull, which was put up for sale.

The boat’s hull was bought by a teacher couple who paid 1,000 Finnish marks for it. Major construction work was begun. The boat was built in Kotka and relaunched in 1974 with its current appearance. Two Bedford engines were used for propulsion, a galley was installed, and a sauna and traditional wc were built.

The boat’s home port was now Sulkava, and she was named Emma, which is a whole new story.

In autumn 2006, we became the happy new owners of Emma. After a long search, we had found ourselves a suitable floating summer cottage. In November, during a light snowfall, Emma sailed to her new home harbour in Imatra. After that, spring was a time of renovation: the electrics were rewired, the roof deck was opened and access was added. Exterior and interior surfaces were improved, a flush toilet and swimming platform were opened, the controls were renewed, etc., but summers were still left for enjoyment.

In spring 2009, the Emma was inspected as a charter boat. Marko obtained the charter boat’s licence and Nina honed her kitchen skills so that, in the summer of 2010, we were ready to welcome our first cruise customers onto the Saunaboat M/S Emma.

Today, the Saunaboat M/S Emma is suitable for chartered cruises for small groups or as a support vessel for harbour events.
The sun deck (25 m2) is a lovely place to enjoy the Lake Saimaa scenery and sunny summer days. We organise each cruise from start to finish, including optional sauna, swimming and dining. If you wish, all cruises over three hours include a sauna and washing materials. The boat has its own house band, LEino Duo, which can be booked in advance to entertain cruise guests.

The home port is Imatra passenger port, where all cruises depart and return, unless otherwise agreed. Let’s plan an event or cruise that’s just right for you!

Welcome to the Saunaboat M/S Emma.

Nina and Marko

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