Tour of the Ilkonsaari Tsasounas

Ilkonsaari is home to Tsasounas, or Orthodox prayer houses, built by the Saimaa Skiitat Association, as well as two small churches. The shrines represent the Eastern Christian tradition, and they are inspired by important monasteries along the route travelled by Christianity from Byzantium to the North. Read more about Skiittasaari (in Finnish).

On Skiittasaari, walk along the easy nature trail and explore the small churches, stop at the observation deck and enjoy a summer’s day. The island has a good swimming beach and barbecue facilities that can be used to prepare picnic food.

Cruise duration: 7 h. We can extend the cruise with extra hours if so desired. Request more information.

Full cruise price: €972, max 12 people (from €81 per person, based on a 12-person booking).

Our cruises are always private events. Food and refreshments can be ordered in advance; check out the menu. If you wish, you can also bring your own snacks and/or refreshments.

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