An Island Night on Emma

Saunaboat M/S Emma features a large roof deck, where you can have a lovely time enjoying the summer sun. There is a lounge area and kitchen on board. At the rear of the boat there is a sauna, washroom and flush toilet. The lower deck is dedicated to a good night’s sleep, with berths for nine in three bedrooms.

The southern Lake Saimaa region has many beautiful sandy beaches and nature spots where you can go ashore from Emma. The island destinations of the South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas are also great spots for boaters. They often provide barbecue facilities, a hut and beach sauna. On trips lasting several days, we can visit more than one destination. Also check out the Three-Destination Cruise.

Sauna, bed linen and breakfast are included.

Cruise duration: 24 hours.

Full cruise price: €1,160, max 8 people (from €145 per person, based on an 8-person booking).

Our cruises are always private events. Food and refreshments can be ordered in advance; check out the menu. If you wish, you can also bring your own snacks and/or refreshments.

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